At Lightspeed, we believe that when we invest in extraordinary people, we produce extraordinary results. After all, people are the lifeblood of our organization – from our trusted and talented employees, to the clients we serve, to the many communities we impact.

Everyone has a voice. Every voice is valued.

This is why we apply a collaborative, people-centric approach to your project. Because when we listen, we learn. What we learn, we share. And when we share, the results are extraordinary.

Aim For Extraordinary

We understand the enormous responsibilities placed upon us to design, build, install, and maintain the nation’s communications infrastructure and to ensure data availability to every corner of the country. It takes years of pioneering experience and a fiery passion for what we do. We have that in spades. Trust us to deliver excellent service with integrity and tenacity.

We’re industry veterans with a no-nonsense, straightforward, hard-working belief in serving others. We strive for extraordinary outcomes rooted in transparency, communication and accountability every step of the way.


Constructing Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Today.

Our Mission

We are operators serving operators: catalyzing transformation through shared values.

Our Values

At Lightspeed Construction Group, we don’t aim for ordinary; we aim for extraordinary: people, service, results and service outcomes. How do we do it time after time? We believe in five core values that are woven into every aspect of our organization. They dictate who we hire, how we operate, and above all else remind us to lead with fairness and mutual respect during every interaction with our fellow employees, communities and clients. Looking to work for or partner with Lightspeed? You can expect these values to serve as our foundational principles:


Safety is a fundamental priority in everything we do because we care about the well-being of our team members and the community around us.


We uphold our commitment to quality by ensuring that we get things right the first time, take pride in our work, and hold ourselves accountable.

Customer Focused

Our focus on our customers means that we follow through on our promises, maintain honesty and transparency, take ownership of challenges, and treat their business and customers with respect.

Commitment To Our People

Our unwavering commitment to our people ensures that we create a place where folks want to work, where jobs are fulfilling, individuality is respected, employees’ voices are heard, and professional development is prioritized.


Our operating culture encourages and rewards new ideas and practices that improve safety, quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and our employee experience.

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